Cake Jars

Cake Jars

Filled with delicious layers of moist cake, fillings and a perfectly paired crunch for texture. Topped with the fillings so you know exactly what's inside!


Share one of these jars if you are willing, or have one all to yourself! Cake jars are a great portable dessert to take to functions such as parties or picnics. They are also great for gifting or tasting without ordering a whole cake. Also a great


Made to order to ensure freshness.


Minimum order is two (2).


.: Quality ingredients

.: Peanut free (some jars contain coconut oil and pecans)

.: One cake flavour per set


Bacchanal Berry

Vanilla cake layered with strawberry buttercream, blueberry compote and white chocolate covered crunch.


Biscoff Cookie Crunch (New Flavour)

Moist vanilla cake layered with biscoff flavoured buttercream and biscoff biscuits.


Brownie Bliss

Decadent Chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream, brownie bits, caramel and candied pecans.



Decadent chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream, chocolate chips and crisp pearls.


Chocolate Pineapple 

Decadent chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream, pineapple, caramel and crispearls. (Pecans can be added upon request).


Cookies 'n Cream

Decadent chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache, edible cookie dough, buttercream and oreo cookie pieces.


Red Velvet

Red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting and red velvet crunchy crumbs. (Candied pecans added upon request)


Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake layered with strawberry compote, whipped cream and strawberry shortcake crunchy crumbs. Topped off with fresh strawberries.



Vanilla cake layered with white chocolate vanilla buttercream, and  white chocolate covered crunch.


    Keep refrigerated for up to 3 days.


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    Packaged in a 16 ounce food safe jar.